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Finding a great dentist is a lot like finding the perfect home. You need to look around, examine all the information and weigh your options. Like finding the perfect home, once you have found the right practitioner you will begin a relationship that could last a lifetime. Keep in mind that your mouth is an intricate and complicated part of your body and no two people are the same. Finding the right dentist who will become familiar with your individual oral health is important, not only for comfort, but because they will be the first to notice potential problems that may arise.
How to Choose a Dentist
There are the obvious methods of speaking to friends and family and asking your doctor or local hospital if they are able to provide a referral. Another valuable resource is the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) – they keep track of dentists' reputations as well as who is taking on new patients. Ask them about the size of the clinic, waiting list and if a list of testimonials has been provided. Dentists are doctors of the mouth and it is wise to know your dental practitioner's track record.
Observe your Surroundings
Armed with information from the ODA, you are now ready to make an appointment with who you feel is the best choice. Upon arriving at the dental office, you can find out plenty of additional information just by being observant. How does the receptionist speak to you? Efficiency is all well and good, but a dentist who employs someone who is curt, rude, or indifferent is certainly not representing him or herself well. Observe the other patients sitting around you. Do they look reasonably satisfied? Have they been waiting for a very long time? It is also important to notice the little things, like whether there are toys and books to keep children occupied while you wait, and if the common area is clean. Keeping the little ones entertained is both a small and dauntingly difficult task. A fully equipped play area in the waiting room can make your stay more comfortable. If attention to detail seems to be lacking, there could be potential cause for concern involving the areas that you can't see.
Pay Attention to Dialogue
You are obviously not a dentist, which is why you are looking for a licensed practitioner. This is your mouth and you have every right to ask any questions that you deem necessary. A quality dentist will answer them patiently and informatively. Be sure to ask about procedures that you may not require now, but that the dentist performs in general. You never know what will come up and it's good to have an understanding of how the dentist can handle future situations if they arise. Discuss what your emergency options are, if they refer out to specialists or have in house specialists for convenience.
A dentist, like your family physician, is an integral part of your family's life and knowing that you have picked a highly educated professional will keep you coming back and feeling confident with every visit!

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